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CL800 CO2

CL800 CO2 laser cutting machines

Cincinnati lasers are fast.  The productivity comes from overcoming the limitations inherent to conventional lasers.  There are three things that limit the single part cutting speed of a laser; the laser cutting process itself (straight line cutting speed), motion control electronics and machine dynamics.  In addition, productivity can be limited by how material is handled.  Cincinnati designs addresses each of these areas to provide extraordinary productivity.

The CL800 range of CO2 laser machines boast the fastest linear drives in the industry and the superb performance of Fanuc 4kW and 5kW lasers for the widest range of cutting needed in the modern laser shop.



• 4kW & 5kW laser options
• 1.5m x 3m or 2m x 4m dual tables
• Auto-focus head with 5", 7.5" & 10" focal lenses
• Linear drives for accuracy, speed and reliability
• Rapid & adaptive piercing

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