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CL900 fiber laser cutting machines


Cincinnati fiber lasers are not only extremely fast, the true monolithic, solid-state design of the laser and delivery system make it virtually maintenance-free (a major cost saving over the operational life). Elimination of maintenance on internal optics and beam delivery mirrors make planned maintenance a simple task.  A state of the art CO2 laser has a wall plug efficiency of 12% and the fiber laser has an efficiency of >33% reducing the resonator electrical costs by better than 64%.  Very little cooling is needed so the chiller is much smaller and draws less power.  Unlike conventional gas lasers the fiber laser does not need a gas to create the beam so there is no cost for laser gas, ever.  No blowers, glassware or internal mirrors means planned maintenance costs are zero for the resonator..

The CL900 range of fiber laser machines boast the fastest linear drives in the industry and the economical performance of IPG 2kW and 4kW lasers produce the lowest cost parts.


• 2kW & 4kW fiber laser options
• 1.5m x 3m, 2m x 4m and 2.5m x 6m options
• Auto-focus head with 5", 7.5" & 10" focal lenses
• Linear drives for accuracy, speed and reliability

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