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LightCutter fiber laser cutting head for flatbed machines

LightCutter fiber laser cutting head for flatbed machines

The LightCutter efficiently and economically cuts thin to medium-thick materials such as stainless
steel and aluminum of up to 5 mm using fusion cutting and mild steel of up to 10 mm using oxide
cutting with fiber-coupled lasers. The LightCutter is integrated into flatbed cutting systems which
operate within the average laser power range of 500 W to 2 kW. For reliable operation, the optical
elements must be protected from fusion spatter, metal dust and pollution – so the LightCutter is
completely sealed and protected from impurities in the cutting gas by an easily replaceable cutting
and pressure-resistant protective window. The treated purging air in the collimator area permits
neither process dust nor particles to penetrate. The focusing lens is kept clean by a pressure-tight
protective window cartridge, even if the cutting gas is contaminated. Quartz lenses of the highest
quality ensure a stable focal position, which is extremely user-friendly, since it can be set both
laterally and vertically from the outside.


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