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Modular Material Handling System

Modular Material Handling System

The Modular Material Handling System is designed for use with a CINCINNATI Laser to reduce operating cost and increase productivity and safety.  The MMHS-100 can be expanded with additional components to grow with your business.

The Cell Controller is a web-based industrial PC. It is accessed through the laser control. The cell controller is used to control all automated and manual functions of the system. In addition, it works as a line controller to coordinate sending material and programs to the laser(s). The control manages the complete material inventory within the system and updates it automatically. Using a web-browser, the Cell Controller can be accessed remotely. 

The sheet Transporter uses vacuum cups to lift the top sheet off a stack of material and deliver it to the laser load table. Raw material can be placed on skids, pallets or carts positioned underneath the material handling rails. A material separation system includes a peeler, fanning magnet, air knife separator and material thickness detector to assist in material separation. Retractable forks remove the finished nest from the laser load table and deliver it to a cart or pallet.

Optional powered Over/Under Carts can be added to either, or both sides of the laser load frame for raw material and finished parts. The carts travel in and out of the protected zone for continuous operation.


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