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Laser Metal Fusion is an additive manufacturing process that uses a 3D CAD file, as a source of digital information, and energy in the form of a high power laser beam, to realise three dimensional metal objects through the fusion of thin layers of metallic powder.

Rewrite the rules of production with Mysint.

Simple and robust design: The split table structure prevents any possibility of contamination between the LMF process zone and the electronic part.  Due to this design Mysint is easy to carry.

Enhanced productivity: The patented Tilting Coater allows a notable reduction of the re-coating time between each layer, thus significantly improving the productivity.

Perfect fusion / low gas consumption: The optimised inert gas management not only ensures a uniform and constant flow over the metal powder bed, but it also contributes to reduce the gas consumption to <0,3 L/min.

High efficiency filter: Mysint is equipped with a dedicated, easily replaceable filter.

High flexibility: The powder recharge is fast and easy with the interchangeable and reducible cylinders (option).  The circular shape of the platform prevents any dispersion of powder.

Effective powder management: The Dynamic Oversupply automatically calculates the exact amount of powder necessary to generate the piece.

Open system: CAM and HMI are totally open; every single parameter is settable by the end -user.


Technical data:

Effective cylinder volume                        Ø 100 x 100 mm

Laser Source                                             Fibre Laser 200W

Precision Optics                                        Quartz F-Theta Lense

Laser spot diameter                                 55 µm

Typical layer thickness (adjustable)      20 – 30 µm

Power supply                                             220-240 V 1 ph – 50/60Hz

Machine dimensions                                1390 x 1600 x 777 mm

Net weight                                                  650 Kg

Max power absorbed                               1000 VA

O2 concentration                                       < 0,1%

Inert gas supply                                         Nitrogen, Argon

Inert gas consumption                             <0,3 L/min @ 0,5% O2

Noise                                                           <70 dB

Door                                                            Glove Box

Filter unit                                                     Removable

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