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Process weld monitoring

The WeldMaster system - Real-time process control and quality monitoring of laser seams  based on one standardized platform, which is responsible for data processing and operator guidance. Camera systems and sensors for measuring and controlling the laser joining process can be connected and evaluated to suit the application concerned. The WeldMaster platform reads all measured data in real-time, evaluates it and, as a centralized system, is able to link data values of various measurement sources in any combination and generate variables or make OK or not OK decisions.

Weldmaster Track /Scan and Track- detects the precise joining position and focus to be welded and adjusts the welding head back on track.

In process Depth Meter (IDM) for monitoring the seam depth whilst deep welding.

Laser weld Monitor (LWM) monitors in real time deviations from the welding parameters.

Weldmaster Inspect - using high qaulity image data the weld is inspected and compared against  specified quality criteria.

Seam inspection system  Souvis 5000 - high end, high speed, offline inspection system. Defects as small as 100um can be detected.





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