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“All in one” Marking laser for objects with F160 focusing lens for a marking area 100x100 mm, provided with air cooling system.  The software is included and can be installed on PC.  To be connected at 230 V 50/60 Hz single-phase 0,15 Kw.

PC is not included, recommended versions starting from:

- Windows XP/7 or greater (32 or 64 bit.  Windows Vista not recommended)

- min 2GB RAM


- > 40GB HDD

- USB port

- ETHERNET connection

This is our all-in-one laser marking system characterised by great flexibility and ease of use.  The vary compact Class 1 version,is equipped with a manual Z axis and external pointing system to facilitate focusing.  Suitable for most of metal and plastic materials. 


External connections: Ethernet cable to PC, Power supply

Optional: Motorised spindle

Technical data:

Wavelength                                         1064 nm

Peak power                                        20KW

Pulse Duration                                    4 ns

Working table dimensions L x l x h)     mm 200x160x180 with lens 100mm

Frequency                                          Fixed

Focus kit                                             Included

Dimensions (W x D x H)                      481 x 446 x 604 mm

Weight                                                35 Kg

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